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Rising New York Road Runners offers youth opportunities in and out of school time as well as at our free events in New York City. We serve kids nationwide of all abilities and skill levels, from pre-K through 12th grade.


How It Works

Rising New York Road Runners is designed to build fitness skills in ways that work for all kids. The activities in our program build self-assurance across all ages and abilities. Our goal: confidence, competence, and healthy attitudes toward activity that last into adulthood.


We start with the fundamentals—like hopping, jumping, and skipping—then build on these skills to introduce kids to fun games that incorporate movement. The skills can be applied to running or any sport.


Rising New York Road Runners is a teacher/coach-led program that provides the following for free. Any teacher or adult at the school or out-of-school program can introduce and lead Rising New York Road Runners with the approval of the principal or director.

  • Customizable digital tools and resources
  • Research-based lesson plans that align with SHAPE America National Standards
  • Rewards for youth participants upon reaching milestones
  • Incentives, support, and training for adults leading the program


Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information on Rising New York Road Runners.