Alvah Scott Elementary

Principal's Message

As I walk around our campus, I notice that our students are smiling, happy and engaged. There is a lot of good teaching happening in this school as indicated by our recent assessments, we are progressing. 

We are always looking to improve our practices and at a recent faculty meeting we all decided to begin a systematic approach for improving student achievement through a standard-based change process. We will be working with School Rise, a school reform model, that provides steps to implement a system for improving student achievement by focusing on higher levels of thinking, professional learning communities and curriculum coherence.

I know that you've all heard the saying that it takes a community to raise a child and we need the support of this community as we move through the rigors of No Child Left Behind. While I believe in standards implementation, I do not believe that a school should be judged on a single test that takes place during a few days of the school year. The school should be held accountable for gains that it makes throughout the school year.

I have faith in our school, its teachers and this community that we can work together for the benefit of our children. We will continue to offer a quality education program at Alvah Scott Elementary and strive for excellence.

Ms. Watanabe

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