Alvah Scott Elementary


We at Alvah Scott understand the importance of computer education and meet in the lab at least twice per week. We teach computer lessons directed towards the Elementary Technology Standards. We are equipped with 2 Macintosh labs and 5 Chromebook carts running Google for Education applications.

We have a wireless campus and all teachers are equipped with either desktop or laptop computers, which is used for attendance, grades and instruction.  Teachers also use technology for several online programs such as ConnectED, Stepping Stones and Achieve 3000.

We have closed circuit tv for Newscasts and other video needs or information directed to the classrooms. We are continuing to add and upgrade to our computer labs, and our audio/video equipment each school year.

The computer labs have many programs that the children utilize. Some for example include: Starfall, Typing Program, Imagine Learning, Wonders, Stepping Stones, SmartyAntz, and BigBrainz.  For upper grades, the students use Google for Education, as well as Kidbizz, iMovie, Scantron testing.  

Ms. Vicki Minello is the school's Technology Coordinator. She comes from Pennsylvania and has over 20 years experience as a computer teacher. She does her best to keep the school running smoothly and introduces new technology as it becomes available.  She is constantly updating our classrooms with Chromebooks, projectors and large TV's.