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Campus Water Pollution Prevention Program

Our school has a storm water management plan that is available for review at the front office.  It is part of the federal government's effort to keep our streams and oceans clean and eliminate pollution discharge.
NPDES MS4 Report On Water Pollution Prevention Awareness
The provisions of the Clean Water Act; Hawaii Revised Statues (HRS), Chapter 342D; and the Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapters 11-54 and 11-55, the Department of Health (DOH) has issued to the Department of Education (DOE) NPDES Permit No. HI S000003, which authorizes DOE facilities to discharge storm water runoff and certain non-storm water discharges into Small Municipal Separate storm Sewer Systems (Small MS4) which discharge to state waters.  
There are two major parts for compliance, known simply as the Campus Drainage Report, and the Campus Annual Report for Water Pollution Awareness or the MS4 Annual Report.
A copy of the Campus Drainage Report AND the MS4 Annual Report is available for review with the Administration.
Water Pollution Prevention Video - created by Student Council