About Our Library

 Alvah Scott's library is home to over 10,000 books and students are encouraged to borrow books weekly throughout the school year. There are 30 chrome base computers in the library used for research projects and to complete classroom assignments. Students use the computers weekly and engage in other reading programs online.
Our librarian teaches library lessons to Grades K-6 weekly and plans various activities throughout the year to promote literacy. This includes our annual Scholastic Book Fair, our Dr. Seuss Read Across America Activity, Pick A Book At Family Movie Night and a Curriculum Fair is held in the library every other year to show case student projects. 
Grades 4-6 students are also given the opportunity to join the library service club. They are assigned specific duties and task to do in the library during their recess. They develop skills that enhance learning and learn to become responsible citizens as well.
We welcome parent volunteers to our library to help out and encourage taking part in their child's education and learning. Our combined efforts will make our library a better place for our students and help them become lifelong learners and readers.
The links provided are educational sites for enrichment reading and learning. Reading books are encouraged daily. Happy reading!
World Book Web