School Policies » Attendance


Unless excluded from school or exempt from attendance, all children who will have arrived at the age of at least SIX YEARS and who will not have arrived at the age of 18 years, on or before December 31 of any school year, shall attend either public or private school for and during such school year; and any parent, guardian, and other person having the responsibility for or care of a child whose attendance at school is obligatory shall send the child to some such school. Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 289-9

All children are expected to be in school each day. If a child is to be absent, parents must inform the school in the morning through a phone call, fax or note. In the event of longer absences, parents should keep the school abreast of the child’s status and progress.

All children are expected to be on time to school. When tardy, they are to report to the office for tardy slips. If they are chronically tardy, every effort must be made by the students, parents and school to correct the problem.

Students are eligible for home/hospital instruction if medical evidence shows that they will be unable to attend school regularly for more than two weeks. A doctor’s statement is required. See the school counselor for information and guidance.