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Goal & Objectives

The basic goal of Alvah A. Scott School is to guide and nurture each child in acquiring the qualities and skills necessary for the betterment of self, family, community, nation and the world.

The objectives of Scott School are to help our students:
  1. Appreciate and respect their individuality and that of others.
  2. Strengthen and broaden their basic communication skills of effectively interacting with others and understanding their environment.
  3. Develop responsibility for and commitment to their own learning through involvement in the planning and development of their learning experiences.
  4. Acquire intellectual curiosity and wonderment by their involvement in the learning process.
  5. Acquire sound physical and mental health habits.
  6. Develop positive self-concept.
  7. Increase their understanding of the world in order to critically evaluate information presented by their environment (radio, TV, network, etc) and make decision accordingly.
  8. Develop an appreciation for the arts (music, literature, crafts, etc.) and make decisions accordingly.
  9. Relate and apply their knowledge in fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of our school and community.