Alvah Scott Elementary

Technology Coordinator

Welcome back to school Alvah Scott Students!  This year looks a lot different than past years, because the students are working from home.  But this is only temporary, and we will see you in the near future.  We just have to be patient and continue to learn both online and in-person with many changes.  We are all going to get very familiar wearing masks, keeping our hands clean, and keeping our distance from everyone.  
At our school, we have ipads for Grades Pre-K and First Grade.  We have Dell Chromebooks for grades 2 through 6.  We have several programs such as Acellus, ConnectED, Achieve 3000, IXL, iReady and StemScopes.  We also have coding programs such as Scratch and CS First for the upper grades.  We offer newscasts using Vimeo and continue to upgrade our video club equipment.
Just a little bit about me, I am originally from Pennsylvania and have 24 years in education, and even more in the computer field.  In my spare time I like to unwind with a nice walk, I enjoy yoga and I also like to jump in the ocean on a hot day.  I love spending time with my family, which includes our new puppy, both here in Hawaii, and on the East Coast!