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Nutrislice Menu - ** NEW - Click on the menus below:

Starting in August 2023, we have a NEW menu system called Nutrislice.  Nutrislice has dietary information, you can view translated menus in different languages, you can filter the menu by different allergens (e.g. milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, etc.) and more.  Click HERE to view the new Nutrislice Menu and dietary information or click on the links below:
All menus include ½ pint milk and are subject to change without notice. Gr. 4-6: Offer vs Serve- Students may choose 3-5 lunch components.  To see a list of the menu and food nutritional value for each school day, click here.  
Breakfast Prices:
Student  $1.10
Reduced $0.30
Second $2.40
Adult $2.40

Lunch Prices:
Student $2.50
Reduced $0.40
2nd entrée $2.00
Adult $5.50
Milk Only $0.90
In accordance with Senate Bill 423 and USDA, the following guidelines shall be in place:
  • Students eligible for free or reduced-price meals during the previous school year, will continue to receive the same benefits until a new applications is processed or up until thirty days of the new school year;
  • Students shall not be denied a meal within seven days after the meal account reaches a zero balance;
  • Students who are unable to pay for their meal at the time of the meal service shall be allowed to charge a meal for the first twenty one days of school;
  • Children who qualify for free meals may never be denied a meal, even if they have accrued a negative balance from other purchases in the cafeteria, and
  • Students submitting new applications and approved for free or reduced-price meals will receive retroactive credit to clear charges based on application submission date but not the month prior. Applications shall be date stamped with the application submission date.
Student accounts with unpaid or negative balances must be paid back to the school as soon as possible.
Schools shall prohibit the charging of à la carte or extra items by any child with a negative balance, regardless of the child’s eligibility status.
This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.