Alvah Scott Elementary

Student Author at Alvah Scott!

Tia Kate Agra, gr. 6th, wrote a book entitled, "The White-Eyed Figure," and published under Alvah Scott Press. Here is the summary of the book, Rennie Roge, experienced a time of her life. Going into dreamland, and coming out confused. The shadows surrounded her and she has to find a way out. This maze-like story will have you going through obstacles to find the exit. The more you get to know the characters, the more will be uncovered. The only real way to answer this question is to say it’s a secret that will be revealed. Enjoy your adventure with Rennie and the White-Eyed Figure.
The Writers Club with the combination of the Alvah Scott Press gives students a chance to let their voices be heard through storytelling and also be as creative as they possibly can. If interested in purchasing this book, please email: