Alvah Scott Elementary

Book Fair Success!

Our Book Fair's theme was "Reading Oasis: A cool place to discover hot books!",
and Mrs. Tanya Bridges' decorations really made the library a cool place to be.
So many people helped to make the Book Fair a great success.  Student helpers
Mariah, Hannah, Trini, Ivan, Shun, Briahni and Keonimana helped arrange the
library for set up, and many other students colored pictures and hung posters.
Parents and teachers helped during the fair, and special thanks go to Chairman
Tanya Bridges, JoyceTakahashi, Kristi Fernandez, Brad Kusunoki, Dennise Yurong,
Jill Lauterback, Cheri Higashihara, Lori Lee, Jennifer Braendeholm, Brandi Stiff,
and Terri Deal.  Please forgive me if you helped and I left out your name. 
So many students, parents and grandparents bought books from the fair that we
made $2,000 profit.  We kept one thousand dollars worth of books
directly from the fair, and the other money will be spent on even more books
for our library in the next few weeks.  Some parents and an Alvah Scott "angel"
bought books from teachers' wish lists to put into the classroom libraries. 
I am so grateful to our entire Alvah Scott 'ohana--students, parents, faculty and
staff for making our Book Fair such a success year after year!

Mrs. Sharon Browne, Librarian