Alvah Scott Elementary

"Stop If You Love Me" Traffic Safety Campaign

Statewide Traffic Safety Campaign Week is conducted by student advocates in grades 4-12 with the goal of keeping us safer by reducing risky driver and passenger behaviors on the road. Risky behaviors may include cell phone use (talking/texting/selfies), lack of seatbelt use, distractions by passengers, drinking/drugs and driving, road rage, emotional rage, speeding, racing, eating, putting on makeup, etc. Alvah Scott Elementary School will be participating in this campaign along with approximately 20 other schools in the State of Hawaii.

Mon., Feb 9 “It’s All About You” Guest Speaker Mr. Thomas Barksdale
School wide Assembly @ 8:15-9:00am, cafeteria, Share STOP Banners
Classroom Activity: Discussion/Journal Entry “What Can I Do To Be The Best Person Possible?” (or any thoughts on the presentation)

Tues., Feb 10 “Drive Safely”
Classroom Activity: Paper Chain Links – Student Council will provide paper strips. Write out your safety reminder for drivers and connect yours to your homeroom chain. Turn in your class chain to Room 18 and the Student Council committee will join all homeroom chains together to make a 500 link long chain! It will be displayed in the cafeteria.

Wed., Feb 11 “STOP for Pedestrians”
School wide Activity: Wear black and white for crosswalk/pedestrian safety awareness.
PTA/Parents/Faculty Members will be sign waving in the parking lot to remind drivers to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

Thurs., Feb 12 “Doing My Part”
Classroom Activity: Role Playing – practice telling drivers to stop making bad choices while driving. Teachers may request videotaping for outstanding actors and actresses so they may be included in our Campaign news report.

Fri., Feb 13 “STOP If You Love Me”
School wide Activity: Wear RED to emphasize STOP the bad behaviors and make good choices because you LOVE me! The Student Council will provide one pledge poster for each homeroom. Sign your class pledge poster then return it to Room 18. After that, look for it on display around campus during the month of February!