Alvah Scott Elementary

Back to School Parking Update

The beginning of school brings about many changes to routines and schedules.  We appreciate your patience and consideration as all of our students, families, and staff start the new school year.

Finishing touches on the back parking area are being completed and it will be ready for use on the first day of school.  The flow of traffic will remain the same, but the construction adds 17 marked visitor stalls along the wall by the play field.  Parents and visitors are welcome to use these visitor stalls, but please do not park in the stalls that are marked for staff.

The staff and administration recognize that many students feel anxious or nervous at the beginning of the school year.  To alleviate this unease some parents choose to park and walk their child to class.  We would like to support any family who chooses to do so by opening additional parking in the play field in the morning.

If all visitor stalls are full and you would like to park, please proceed to the open gate near the basketball court, where you may drive into the field.  Please drive slowly and be aware of pedestrians, especially students who may be walking through the field.  Please exit the field as soon as possible.  We will close the gates at 8:15 to allow the field to be used for school.

If you decide not to park, you may drop off your child at the front steps.  For the safety of pedestrians and other drivers, please follow the normal flow of traffic and do not make u-turns.