Alvah Scott Elementary


PSAP, which stands for Primary School Adjustment Project, is a support system for children in grades K-3 with mild social or emotional challenges that affect leaning.  PSAP is a short- term program, normally 10-12 weeks that guides students to learn and communicate effectively in natural play settings.  It also serves as a bridge between children, their teachers, parents, and other support systems.  PSAP is also used as a transition program for children new to Alvah Scott or leaving Alvah Scott and their friends that are left behind.

The PSAP staff consists of an Educational Assistant that works under the guidance of our school counselor.  PSAP children are provided with a non-judgement play environment that is encouraging as well as comfortable.


My Name is Jaylynn Krupinski Manini and I am currently the PSAP Child Associate for PSAP here at Alvah Scott.  I look forward to working closely with you and your child in the future.  If you should have any questions regarding PSAP please call me at 483-7220 ext.250