Alvah Scott Elementary

Veggie U with Grade 4

The fourth graders have been recently engaged in their new academy called Veggie U. This year, the students are fortunate to be a part of this program where they will focus on the importance of good nutrition, the concept of sustainable agriculture, and how vegetables are grown.

 The Veggie U program is designed to help increase children’s awareness of healthy food options, and teaching them how real food reaches their plate. The program’s philosophy believes that when children are exposed to growing their own food, they are more likely to include vegetables in their diet. We have been supplied with classroom garden kits that will incorporate both science and health standards. Our Veggie U academy also includes extensive journal activities, mathematics, and language arts, providing an integrated study of core concepts.

One of the many hands-on learning in the Veggie U program included tasting green, leafy vegetables and other raw vegetables. It was an interactive activity that involved using all 5 senses! Another activity involved students and teachers to work together to create a worm farm! Thanks to Pearl City High School’s teacher, Joanne Kimura, we were able to get a donation of worms to start us off! The students learned about the anatomy of a worm, and the benefits worms have on the soil and plants. Currently, the students are using their garden kits to grow squash seeds. Now, the students are always looking forward to their academy day because there’s always something new to learn about VEGGIE U!