Alvah Scott Elementary

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

Caleb Tatafu


On September 21, 2016 Alvah Scott Elementary celebrated International Day of Peace or Peace Day. The International Day of Peace is celebrated each year around the world. It is a way for all the nations  and cultures to honor victims of war and violence by promoting peace.  This year our school participated by making peace flags and displaying them on campus. Our project this year tied in with Malama Honua, Hokulea, our ohana values, and endangered animals.


The fifth graders did research on Endangered Hawaiian animals and plants as well as participated in activities which promoted peace. Some of these activities were working on slideshows which show peace and endangered species of Hawaii, our tribes activities, and showing what we think peace looks like. On September 21, 2016, the fifth graders went to Alvah Scott’s Serenity Peace Garden. There they worked on their Peace Day coloring pages. We realized that the students at Alvah Scott actually show peace everyday.


This inspired the fifth graders to make peace flags.  Each student wrote what they would do to promote peace on campus. We thought that this would be a good idea because it shows how everyone feels about peace and how they should show peace. They visited many classes and also visited faculty and staff to help them make their peace messages. On Tuesday September 20, all the messages of peace were up for many to see. On Peace Day, everybody was able to go read and appreciate others’ messages of peace.


The fifth graders did a reflection as a class on how they felt during Peace Day. Some students said they had a good feeling inside, others said they felt excited. The fifth graders also related to how the fifth graders last year felt. Hopefully through simple actions and messages, such as messages of peace at Alvah Scott, world peace will be achieved.