Alvah Scott Elementary

Lacy Veach Day

We wanted to showcase our 6th graders at the Astronaut Lacy Veach Day that was held at Punahou.  This is the 17th annual celebration and special day honoring the life and legacy of Charles Lacy Veach, who grew up in Honolulu with an interest in science, had a distinguished career in the United States Air Force, and went on to fly two NASA Space Shuttle missions. Astronaut Lacy Veach serves to remind us all that the dreams of today can be forged into exploration and discoveries of tomorrow. While in Hawai‘i, a child once asked Astronaut Veach: "What does it take to become an astronaut?" Veach responded, "You've got to believe in your dreams and you've got to be hard-headed enough to never let them go."


Our 6th grade students were assigned various STEM projects for the month of September and October.  The 6th grade students were learning about the engineer design process and applying the NGSS standards of MS-ETS-1-4 & MS-PS3-5. The students were able to explore the fields of robotics and learned how to program a push and line robot to complete various task. Next, the students also learned about gravity, centripetal force, and acceleration through designing a simulation roller coaster out of cardstock, tape, and tested out their design with a marble. Lastly, they learned about alternative energy through constucting a wind turbine using a motor, water bottle, and an LED light.  Our 6th graders had a lot of fun in this physical unit and learned a lot of great things about the world of science and the engineer design process.