Alvah Scott Elementary


Ms. Minello is the Video Club advisor for over 11 years. She is assisted by Educational Assistant, Ms. Leigh, in Video Techniques and the operation of the Tricaster.  The Video Club meets twice a week after school to learn the fundamentals of Video Production. They also produce monthly newscasts for the school along with other important procedural videos that may be needed during the school year.
Recently the Video Club attended Olelo Youth Exchange award banquet for the movie, "Speak Up for Justice". The video club continues to produce Olelo movies to practice their skills and compete with other schools on real-life issues. On October 18th, 2013, our Video Club took a field trip to the Hawaii News Now set to see how the morning newscast really works.  It was a great experience that everyone enjoyed and learned a whole lot more about broadcasting. Thanks so much Hawaii News Now for a great experience!
Our Video Club strives to continue to be successful.  They have entered most of the Olelo Youth Exchange competitions, and have positive results.  The club also works on University of Hawaii grants to purchase equipment for the studio.  The students appreciate the chance to work with video cameras and editing software.  The Video Club is a great place to create interesting videos and make new friends along the way.