Ms. Minello is the Video Academy advisor for over 15 years. She is assisted by Educational Assistant, Mrs. Leigh, in Video Techniques.  The Video Academy meets twice a week after school to learn the fundamentals of Video Production. They also produce monthly newscasts for the school along with other important procedural videos that may be needed during the school year.
For the school year 21/22, our Video Academy produced 2 movies that won Olelo Awards along with great video accessories to complement our trophies.  Our winning videos are 1. Public Service Announcement on "Why Children should get their Covid Vaccine", and 2. a Short Story on "Cyberbullying".  Great job to our Video Academy to keep our club active even if we are still in a pandemic situation.  It just shows that the students of Alvah Scott never give up on something they are passionate about.  The students created these videos and were greatly rewarded for their efforts.  
During the Pandemic school year 20/21, our very small video club created a 3 part movie about the Covid-19 situation.  We were awarded grant money from the Hawaii Schools Digital Media Corporation and we entered one of the movies in the Olelo Youth Exchange Competition.  Our video, "The Covid-19 Virus, from a 6th graders point of view" took first place.  Even though the year itself was a struggle, we are pleased to be able to create such an important mini documentary during the pandemic.
Our Video Academy strives to continue to be successful.  They have entered most of the Olelo Youth Exchange competitions, and have positive results.  The club also works with the Hawaii Schools Digital Media Corporation to purchase equipment for the studio, such as audio equipment, tricaster and teleprompter equipment.  The students appreciate the chance to work with High Definition video cameras and editing software.  The Video Academy is a great place to create interesting videos and make new friends along the way.  If you need to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at [email protected]